Welcome to Vermont Cigar Factory

Vermont Cigar Factory is Vermont's premier source for quality hand-rolled cigar and live cigar rolling demonstrations. Our various cigars are hand-rolled from fine Cuban-seed tobacco, grown in the Dominican Republic. We offer classic cigars as well as cigars flavored with chocolate, cured in whiskey barrels or packed with Bonilla's custom fuma blend of Dominican tobacco, vanilla and pineapple rind.

Opened in 2004, the Vermont Cigar Factory has demonstrated the artful skill of hand-rolling cigars at many functions including weddings, private parties, corporate events, fundraisers and others. Our rollers lend a unique aspect to any occasion, providing a pleasant atmosphere for people to congregate, converse and share a new experience.

Elizabeth Keating, owner and operator, learned how to hand-roll fine cigars from a veteran Cuban tabaquero (cigar roller) in Key West, Florida. Currently she runs the Vermont Cigar Factory out of Burlington, VT.

Contact Elizabeth for more information if you would like to have a cigar roller at your wedding or event!